About Us

We are Salt and Pepper Meals. We are here to save your sanity because; you know what we love?

Cooking mid-week dinners.

We know. Weird.

Two Moms, with educations, careers and more than enough gusto required to come up with nutritious, attractive, old-fashioned-from-scratch meals for our families, night after night after night ….that’s something we call invigorating.

Seriously. What could be more euphoric than getting men kids whose favourite meal rhymes with Mig Bac to not only eat, but enjoy spaghetti squash?

See where we are going with this? It’s a calling.

So we went with it, got ourselves a kitchen, and are now whipping up midweek meals for other bustling families (seniors / university kids / professionals) using the freshest ingredients, locally grown food, and making it look gorgeous (because let’s be frank – presentation is everything.)

Let us take the guilt out of your gourmet. It’s healthful, colourful, economic-full: Pick up 5 meals once a week, or pick up one. Whatever. At home, stick it in the oven – BAM!

Dinner is served.

Fresh. Easy. Delicious.

Now that’s exhilarating.